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Created by Thibaut Lamadon and Bradley Setzler

The textab package produces highly-customized LaTeX tables in R.

There are only three functions in this package:

  • TexRow: Form a row in a LaTeX tabular environment.
  • TexSave: Save the tabular as a .tex file, and optionally compile it as a PDF.
  • TexMidrule: Insert a midrule, or list of partial midrules, between rows in a LaTeX tabular environment.

This package builds LaTeX tables in blocks, in the spirit of ggplot2, using the + and / operators for concatenation.

  • plus sign (+): Stack rows vertically (forming multiple rows).
  • slash sign (/): Combine rows side-by-side (forming a wider row).

To install the package from CRAN:

To install the package from Github:


To use the package after it is installed:

To get started, read the following articles: